Master Antenna TV (MATV) Systems

TVSAT are a leading TV Antenna and Satellite Installation Company, who are at the forefront of a rapidly advancing industry.

Our technicians are specialists who are trained, authorized and experienced in all aspects of the industry. The skills and knowledge gained through experience allow us to provide the highest level of workmanship and ensure system performance.

All TVSAT technicians are endorsed and qualified in complex commercial MATV and integrated satellite systems.

Our commitment to train and develop includes obtaining certificates to complete the associated tasks such as;

  • General Induction for Construction,
  • Cert II and Cert III in Digital Reception Technology,
  • Open Telecommunications Cablers Licence, and
  • Working at Heights.


As members of the ADTIA (Australian Digital TV Association), we pride ourselves on the quality of our professional installations built to industry standards.

The ADTIA was established for the digital reception and telecommunication industry as a member based industry association to promote best practice by way of training and quality assurance.

With an emphasis on educating and quality rather than regulating to ‘Future Proof Tomorrow’, the ADTIA focuses on:

  • Quality
  • Education
  • Skill development
  • Professional development
  • Nationally recognised qualifications