How To Ensure Your Development Meets Foxtel Standards?

1. Register The Development

Contact Foxtel on 1300 136 488 to register your development and determine the delivery platform options (Cable or Satellite).

2. Design Approval

Work with TVSAT to create a suitable design for your development. An efficient design will ensure excellent performance and signal distribution to all units. The design must be completed before electricians install cabling to ensure the system meets the required standards. Pre-conceptual design documentation is submitted to Foxtel to obtain a ‘Pre Approval Number’.

3. Installation And Commissioning

TVSAT will balance and commission the system, ensuring it passes the required signal parameters as per Foxtel specifications. ‘Scope of Works’ documentation is completed including system design drawing (asbuilt), system photos and signal logs using a Foxtel approved signal meter.

4. Form An Agreement

Foxtel will form an MDU agreement with the building representative on behalf of the Owners Corporation to enable them to use and access the installed infrastructure.

Foxtel MDU Agreement

5. Foxtel Ready

The address status will be updated to Foxtel Ready and residents can arrange for their installations to take place.

Request for Foxtel MDU Installation Process Flow Chart