MATV / Foxtel

Master Antenna TV (MATV) Systems

TVSAT are a leading TV Antenna and Satellite Installation Company, who are at the forefront of a rapidly advancing industry.

Our technicians are specialists who are trained, authorized and experienced in all aspects of the industry. The skills and knowledge gained through experience allow us to provide the highest level of workmanship and ensure system performance.

All TVSAT technicians are endorsed and qualified in complex commercial MATV and integrated satellite systems.

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Foxtel Endorsed Industry Installer

TVSAT are endorsed by Foxtel as an industry installer of Commercial and MDU MATV, CATV, SMATV & TDT systems.
Our company details are available on the Foxtel website for reference.

FOXTEL has set processes and specifications in place for designing, installing and commissioning Multi Dwelling Units, Multi Residential Estates and Commercial installations to FOXTEL’s expectations.

Since the launch of FOXTEL Digital, the installation process for MDU’s has become more complex. Installation specifications need to be robust to accommodate future evolution.

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