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Invest in technology that meets the requirements of tomorrow, and still makes it possible to take any type of input signals received from satellite, terrestrial, cable, AV, HDMI or via the Internet, and convert them to any type of output signal – so put your money in a system that merges the highest level of efficiency with reliability, and benefit from the advantages provided by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of headends.

The new TRIAX TDX IP-Pool technology allows the customers to assign the input and output signals freely. The classical module assignment of input demodulator and output modulator is no longer given. All incoming signals initially enter the IP-Pool. As a result, this technology allows an unlimited possibility to multiplex the services for each output modulation and to use simultaneously one service for different modulation types. All assignments between input to output signals can be readily changed at any time. This makes TDX uniquely flexible, efficient and economical.

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